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DBuck Films & Entertainment is an independent film production company that specializes in creating and producing original Feature Films, Television Series and Mini Series content. Dbuck films was founded by former Music A&R Executive Darien “DBuck” Smith Whom developed a love for filming while working in the music industry.


After years in the music industry Darien began to focus mainly on directing, writing and producing films that would eventually be distributed across many network and subscription based media platforms. DBuck films & Entertainment’s mission is to produce and release quality content that will be seen by film lovers all over the globe. “Dreams are made when you believe and have faith in yourself,” never stop believing!


Kahdaija Corrine is the Senior Director of media marketing and social media management here at DBuck Film & Entertainment with over 10 years of marketing experience Kahdaija brings a unique outlook on marketing and development in today’s ever-changing social media universe by using her experience and knowledge to assist in marketing campaign for independent short and long form film and television entertainment content

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